Interview: Rich Aucoin


7 A couple months ago we caught up with Rich Aucoin at the ALL CAPS! Island Festival (hosted by Wavelength Music) on Toronto Island. We talked new music, YouTube, Osheaga,  his parachute,   sweaty singalongs and more!

Check out the interview below, and be sure to scroll down for some fun crazy photos taken from video footage by our photo editor Tiffany. (This interview can also be found on page 34-35 of Issue 15)

How would you describe your music and your show?

Music – just on the side of experimental pop music. I like trying a lot of different instruments and make new sounds I haven’t heard before, and make songs with those elements, but right now music I’m really interested in is very pop oriented.

And the show – A sensory overload multimedia show with a lot of spectacle elements and a communal singalong… A group dynamic with…

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