INTERVIEW: The Chainsmokers



T’was the week before Christmas, not too long before the song #SELFIE took the EDM world by storm, Tiffany from Into The Crowd sat down with NY duo Alex and Drew of The Chainsmokers before their first show in Toronto at the Hoxton.

Initially, before meeting the duo in person, I’ll admit didn’t quite understand their humour (or maybe I’m just really gullible), but after a while you start to realize how hilarious their personalities are… And amazing at completing each other’s answers. Though probably a lot less exciting in writing, the interview was far from dull, and one of the most entertaining (and confusing) interviews I’ve ever done. And a hilarious recording to transcribe.

Check it out below!

The Chainsmokers… where did this name come from?
A&D: We don’t know; it just happened… like the Chaos Theory.
T: So, if you had to rename The Chainsmokers, what would it be?
A&D: Avicii


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