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I grew up in Ontario in the outskirts of Toronto (the “GTA”) in city called Mississauga. For those of you familiar with Sauga City, I lived in Streetsville and went to full french catholic elementary and secondary school in Meadowvale. My parents grew up in Montreal and moved here and wanted all their kids to speak french like they do. In school, I was always kind of an introverted shy nerd and excelled in math and sciences. As for sports, I found myself juggling competitive swimming, tennis and Tae Kwon Do — but I always hated gym class.

At 15, I picked up my first camera and started shooting; a trip to New York City to document the city’s architecture for a high school personal project changed my world. Since then, my passion for capturing moments has immensely grown in all directions. A natural explorer and self-learner with a fascination for technology, I continued to explore that world through the online community and how-to guides, continuously carrying my camera around and documenting personal and public events.

Somewhere in between these years, I discovered Free The Children/Me to We and getting closely involved in many of their endeavours, I fell in love with social activism and sustainability. Can you believe a little 17-year old introverted me stood up in front of 30,000 kids at WE Day dancing as a crowd pumper? Lol. Anyway, after grad, I bravely hopped on a plane with a bunch of other students and left on a month-long journey to Mwangaza, Kenya to help build school classrooms. 

I went on to study Sciences at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. With visions of becoming a doctor (thanks to years of lifeguarding) or a marine biologist (thanks to a trip to Newfoundland in 2009), I majored in Biology with minors in Math/French. My GPA was awful though. I spent most of my university life involved with extra-curriculars: yearbook, charity groups, Project Red fashion show, and working as a photographer/photo editor nearly full-time at the Queen’s Journal for many years. With my academics being so science-y, the extra-curriculars were my creative outlet and I was always hustling to do everything. Outside of the school space, I had my photo residencies where I spent nights shooting photos in nightclubs in Kingston. Upon graduating, I moved back to Toronto to continue pursuing other endeavors.

With a long time passion for music and now photography, I fell in love with the art of shooting concerts and musical artists. In 2012, I met this girl Winnie and helped create the magic behind Into The Crowd Magazine, a Toronto-based music magazine and website. Over the next few years, I traveled across Canada shooting concerts, interviewing artists and writing stories. By default of character, I headed up management and communications at ITC and my partner took care of editorial design. This was more of a passion project and a community for young creatives to gain hands-on experience doing what they love. That being said, ITC wasn’t really a business endeavour and I had to shift focus towards finding a sustainable way to grow AND pay rent. I still run it today, but the magazine’s peak years have come and gone. 

In 2015, I landed a job as an Account Manager within Operations at JUST EAT Canada, an online restaurant ordering and delivery company. Stayed there for a while, ate a lot of food, lived the startup lifestyle, learnt a lot about operations and management. In 2016, I left for a new journey and by some miraculous fortune, I landed a spot at a really cool experiential marketing company called PATIO Interactive

At PATIO Interactive, I currently lead as a project manager for the New Technology division, along with contributions in photography, VR expertise and 360 content creation. My favourite part is the ideation pitch process: coming up with neat ideas, puzzle-piecing how to execute them and proposal writing. I’m a workaholic in all sorts but in my odd spare time, I swim, nap, work more, eat a lot, dangerously explore forests alone and listen to a lot of music. What can I say, I’m an Asian tech nerd who was raised by incredibly inspiring parents: work hard for what you want and stay humble. Always.

TLDR; Tiffany = Lifestyle, portrait and music photographer/photojournalist based in Toronto, Canada. Often doing things within digital media, technology and 360/VR. Often self-described as Asian tech nerd.
And yes! I still do photography! Concerts, private photoshoots, parties, events, 360/VR!

Contact me at tiffanyljphotos [at] gmail.com
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tiffanyljphotos/ 

” You can conquer almost any fear if you will only make up your mind to do so. For remember, fear doesn’t exist anywhere except in the mind. ” – Dale Carnegie